Advisory Board

David U’Prichard, PhD
Chairman, BioMotiv Advisory Board Former Chairman of Research and Development, SmithKline Beecham Read more.
Martin Dahl
Martin Dahl, PhD
Research Fellow, Strategy Development, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Read more.
Ian Ferrier
Ian Ferrier, MD, PhD
Managing Director, Bogart Delafield Ferrier Read more.
Walter Flamenbaum
Walter Flamenbaum, MD
Founding Partner, Paul Capital Healthcare Funds Read more.
Julie Frearson
Julie Frearson, PhD
Executive Director Scientific Affairs, Discovery, Charles River Laboratories Read more.
L. Patrick Gage
L. Patrick Gage, PhD
Former Senior Vice President, Science and Technology, Wyeth Read more.
Christopher Henderson
Christopher Henderson, PhD
Vice President, Neurology, Biogen Read more.
Diane Jorkasky
Diane Jorkasky, MD, FACP
Former Vice President, Global Clinical Research Operations, Pfizer Read more.
Joan Lau
Joan Lau, PhD
Managing Partner, Militia Hill Ventures Read more.
Graeme Martin
Graeme Martin, PhD
President and CEO, Takeda Ventures, Inc. Read more.
Perry Molinoff
Perry Molinoff, MD
Professor of Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania Read more.
Lawrence Olanoff
Lawrence Olanoff, MD, PhD
Former President and Chief Operating Officer, Forest Laboratories Read more.
Jonathan Peacock
Chairman, Arix Bioscience Read more.
Chris Schubert, PhD
Director, Corporate Development and Strategy, Biogen Read more.
Jonathan Stamler, MD
President, Harrington Discovery Institute Read more.
Harlan Weisman
Harlan Weisman, MD
Former Chairman, Research & Development for Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson Read more.